Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Snowboarding in Whistler 2014

In late March, 2hung, my brother and I made a trip to Whistler for some snowboarding fun before the season was over.  This was our first time in Whistler and the mountains were awesome!  The peak 2 peak gondola was so high and so scenic.  I'm not good at snowboarding at all.  Originally, I was going to snowboard for two days, but it ended up that one day was quite enough for me.  Here are some fun pictures that we took on and off the mountains.

Honeymoon #3 Part 2 - Venice, Florence, Rome

After our stay in Monte Carlo, we flew over to Venice to continue the Italian portion of our honeymoon.  We had only allocated one day/night in Venice, and with our hectic transportation schedule, it really wasn't enough.  Especially with the little accident that 2hung had in the canal (kekeke), we had even less time.  It was also why we had to start taking pictures with my cell phone during the time we spent in Venice and Florence.  Nonetheless, we still had a great time!

Monday, 14 April 2014

Family Day Weekend 2014 in Seattle

Now that I'm on an assignment out in the West Coast, we took the opportunity to pay a visit to Seattle over the Family Day weekend.  The only reason I was excited about visiting Seattle was because I really wanted to go to the first Starbucks store in Seattle and buy some memorabilia.  Yes, I am a Starbucks snob.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

BDay Dinners 2014 at Biff's Bistro and Bar Isabel

A few weeks ago, I celebrated my birthday with some friends at Biff's Bistro and Bar Isabel.

We went to Biff's Bistro for Winterlicious and Biff's always has a good Winterlicious menu.  Between the four of us, we tried the pork terrine in a spring roll, kale salad, steak frites, buckwheat crepes, almond panna cotta and chocolate cake.  I find that you always get consistent food at a reasonable price at Biff's, so I don't mind going there every once in a while.

Sunday, 9 March 2014

Honeymoon #3 Part 1 - Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo

I finally had the time to sit myself down and write a post about our real honeymoon to Europe in late October of 2013.  It was 2hung's first time in Europe and we visited Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo, Venice, Florence and Rome.  First, let's talk about what we did in France and Monaco.

We stayed at The Westin Vendome which was located steps from the Tuileries Metro station and maybe a 5-10 min walk to the Louvre.  I still remember stepping out of the Metro station and the feeling of awe at the sight of Paris.

Day 1:
We spent the first day in the Jardin des Tuileries, taking pictures by the pyramids at the Louvre and sightseeing on the Ile de la Cite.  Strolling through the garden was so relaxing and the surrounding buildings were so beautiful.  We enjoyed walking by or through it almost everyday that we were there.

Friday, 7 February 2014

Really good duck in Newmarket!

Our friends Yvonne and Henry brought us some smoked duck breast that they bought at a farmers market a few weeks ago.  The duck was already prepared and vacuum sealed.  All we had to do was pan sear the skin side of the duck breast and then serve.  We were surprised at how good the meat tasted and even more surprised to find out that King Cole raises and prepares their ducks locally in Newmarket!  We enjoyed ours with a side of orzo pasta and broccoli.  We will definitely be going there when we have a craving for some duck breast.

Glimpses of Baltimore

Since I had been in Baltimore for over 6 months, I wanted to put together a photo collage of all the places I've been to, food that I've eaten and shopping that I've done.  Baltimore is a nice city especially around the harbour where my team stayed.